Having worked in the fashion industry most of my life, my favourite piece of clothing is still a fresh well-loved white Tee shirt.  It’s simplicity just shows off the wearer’s true beauty, and level of comfort both inside and out.

This timeless piece of clothing has become the inspiration of my lifestyle label, Miles From.

Miles was my maiden name, but Miles From represents a feeling evoked when people wear my clothes.  Miles From nowhere, Miles From anywhere, Miles From stress and so on. Miles From is relaxed, casual and easy living.

After having children, I found my fashion needs were different.  I no longer wanted tops, jackets or pants that clung in all the wrong places. I needed freedom of movement, waistbands to be softer, armholes looser, and more relaxed fits around the middle!  I still wanted to show off my shape and maintain an edge, but comfort had become the priority.

The feeling of a soft natural fibre on my skin is something I have grown to love and now can’t do without.  All the things I loved in casual wear but couldn’t find them without paying premium prices led me to create Miles From.

A strong believer in making clothes locally and ethically, we manufacture the majority of our clothes here in Melbourne, using the highest quality cottons available.

The Miles From collection has incorporated the softest fabrics that wash well but aren’t sheer. Shapes that flatter but skim the body, and silhouettes that are fresh, classic and have an edge.

Hopefully, I can fill the gap in your wardrobe that I had in mine.

Robyn Cara