The Cost Of Clothes || Why investing is beneficial for you (+ the environment!)

Determining the impact of our decisions is often layered, overwhelming and comes with endless possibility. When it comes to ethics in your fashion choices you may not even know where to begin. 

While we, at Miles From, can acknowledge we are not perfect, we certainly are passionate about acting responsibly and ethically. Through this care, and the learning that follows, we feel capable in providing you with just one pointer that could be of your, and the environments, benefit. 

If you are buying the clothes on your back you need to ensure you are not constantly buying high quantity/low cost. Although this may seem like the obvious route for the everyday person, let us explain to you what this method is really costing. 

Instead of taking one look at the price tag to determine the cost we have actually determined that there are 3 things you should consider the cost being and why it's agreeable to invest in quality. 

1. Cost Per Wear (CPW). Most of you will know the magic formula of CPW. The purchase price plus maintenance divided by the total number of wears. This is a huge reason to invest in quality. Those items that have a higher quality, although may be more expensive, have a longer life span. This means the CPW turns out lower than perhaps a cheaper, lesser quality item. 

2. Cost of making. There is a numeral cost of the making of a product which tends to vary in accordance to quality, quantity, production and communication. We encourage you, however, to never compromise these to lessen the blow to your pocket. A compromise could mean a lower quality of make, or perhaps receiving a product that was made in less than ideal factory conditions. It is important to invest in pieces that give the respect to the designers/makers. 

3. Environmental Cost. The less landfill the better. Buy clothes that last. Marie Kondo taught us that over consumption can lead to chaos. But perhaps, instead of throwing out, let's buy more wisely. Investing in quality leads to having a wardrobe of longevity, one that minimises waste. 


We ensure that all Miles From products are carefully designed and made with the highest quality materials available so that they last in physicality and style. Not only this but we are constantly pushing ourselves on how we can support everyone involved in the making fairly and honourably. When you buy with Miles From you can feel secure in knowing that you are buying from a company with sustainability and ethics in their vision AND that the pieces you are buying are good investments. 

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