The Australian Made Dilemma

How important is it that your clothes are made in Australia?

A lot? A little? Does it depend on the product? Does it depend on price? And if you answered yes (or no) to any of the previous questions, then why?

When we launched Miles From in 2015, we set ourselves the goal of being 100% Australian made. Not only to support Australian manufacturing, but to have the ability to reduce our carbon footprint and become a more sustainable brand. 

Have we achieved our goal since launch in 2015? Not quite, but we're still 100% committed. 

But at what cost?

Due to COVID, we recently faced the very real possibility of missing an entire season for the first time, with manufacturing in Melbourne under incredibly tight restrictions, and delays causing untold problems. 

We've lost sales, we've lost stockists (with some sadly having to close their doors completely), but we've persevered, and while we know we're late to the party, we're proud to say that our latest collection is being 100% made in Melbourne, Australia.  Even better still, 80% of the range is being made in our very own bespoke woven cotton for the first time.

While we feel it'll be worth the cost (and wait), do you, our customers, feel the same? We'd love to hear your thoughts we'd love to hear from you. 

For now, thank you for your patience, but more importantly, thank you for supporting Australian made. 

Robyn x


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It’s totally worth the wait. I buy Australian made as much as possible now – from clothing to homewares and furniture. And while it does cost more I personally think it’s worth it. Looking forward to seeing the new collection!

Angela Green October 17, 2020

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