Miles From turns 5! Want to exchange gifts with us?

Everyone likes getting gifts for their birthday right? Well, you may have heard that Miles From turns 5 this week (I know, we've tried to keep it quiet....), and you also know we love to run a we thought that this time around we'd have one just for our Miles From customers, and throw in a little twist!⁠

Over the past 5 years, we've had some great feedback on our products, from design and feel, to the fact they wash and wear so well. Today we're taking that one step further, and asking what YOU would like to see in an upcoming collection,  product range, or shopping experience changes. Think colours, design features, fabrics, website UX, or any other innovative ideas. We want to hear it all! ⁠

Miles From Giveaway combo

⁠Not only will the person with the most compelling suggestion win a V-Neck Stitch Panel Tee and Pair of Light Wash Skinny Jeans, but they'll also get the opportunity to collaborate with me and see their idea put into practice and production!

So thinking caps on and comments below! We'll run our suggestions box until the end of May, and announce the winner on June 1st. 

And thank you again for all your support over the last 5 years. We wouldn't be here without you ❤️

Robyn and the team from Miles From.


Wow. just found this site. Your rugby pants look great. I’m fan of organic sustainable products such as yours, with comfort and longevity, even when they are ‘worn in’, understated elegance, a flattering fit and a dress up or down feel. Would love to see a deep burgundy and a slightly more crew neck fit in your tops.

Avril Brown May 31, 2020

Definitely would love to see a couple of pastel colours in your t-shirt range (pink, blush/rose or mint) that would look great layered with your jumpers (love the split sides). Longer sleeves on your jumpers and longer line t-shirts to cover your bottom. Please bring back your zipped leggings!
From a shopping experience, having different sized models would show how each product/style fit body types. Or shoppers can click on a body shape type and have suggested the best products for their body type. Around Mother’s Day, Xmas or birthdays etc you could collaborate with other local suppliers and put together packages/hampers. eg tea, chocolate, slippers, ceramics, skin care.
Also, my husband would love a limited mens range of t-shirts, hoodies and lounge pants.

Kirsty Effiong May 21, 2020

Would love to see the “Miles From” logo on some basic tees!

Rachael May 20, 2020

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