Miles From: Travel Diary | China

Robyn Cara, owner of Miles From, recently jetted over to Qingdao, China with her husband, Dom, in tow. Touching back down in brisk ol' Melbourne, Robyn has returned with her travel quota in check and a couple of travelling packing tips to share. 

  • Side Tuck Tank DressMiles From • A knee-length, breathable dress is the perfect choice for days of wandering the streets of a new city. Paired with comfortable sliders of course.  
  • Long Sleeve Maxi Dress • Miles From • Sun protection when travelling is a must. Climatising to a new country can take its toll on our skin so we suggest lathering up in SPF and wearing clothes that protect. Enter our Long Sleeve Maxi Dress. Added bonus = Pack a pair of heels and simple jewellery to create an outfit you can go out to dinner in.
  • Peasant Tee • Miles From • If plane comfort means something to you (it should) then invest in a light cotton top to make the journey bearable. The Peasant Tee's practicality should be enough for it to make it into your suitcase but the fact that it sits beautifully on as well makes it a no brainer.
  • Relaxed Roll-Up Pant • Miles From • Pair this comfortable pant with the Peasant Tee for your plane journey and we can be certain you will thank us. 

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