Melbourne Fashion Week 2019 | moments we loved

Melbourne was blanketed in design and flashy events this week as Melbourne Fashion Week took over the streets. And for their 25th birthday they were not going to hold back.

The whole week included an array of runways, workshops, talks, parties, exhibitions, films and extravagant retail experiences. As Melbourne residents it was thrilling to be pulled along into experiencing the inspiration that is M/FW 2019.  From the first Fashion Capsule and Highrise Runway it was obvious multiple designs were drawn to a theme of power. From sharp shoulders, to the bold colours of Torannce, circling around to the power suits of Strateas Carlucci, the pieces were daring and innovative. 

A huge highlight of each year is the Student Runway where students from Australian (and a few students from Osaka) Universities and Design Institutes display their creatively charged, and usually statement obvious, pieces. A standout for us was designer Sabrina Sekerovski of the Kangan Institute with her collection 'Biohazard' featuring oversized, or jaggedly silhouetted, puffer jackets.  

The Fashion Forum was where we personally felt most inspired this year. Hosted by Melissa Singer, a line up of industry experts offered us their insight into a few of the key shifts and trends in the fashion industry. A consistent dialogue throughout the event found itself landing on the subject of sustainable style and business practice. It was brought up by Marnie Goding, co-founder of Elk, and Paul Sweet, managing director of Levi Strauss & co, that the best way to reduce wastage as a consumer is to buy wisely, buy once and make it an investment. The best way to encourage sustainability as a company/provider is to be transparent with your products and operation and to be intentional with every decision. We, at Miles From, couldn't agree more with what was said so that is why we are determined to create transparency within our company so that you, our treasured customers, feel like you know who we are and what exactly you are buying. At this current stage we feel proud that our products are ethically designed and manufactured in Australia, as well as being made from high-quality materials such as 100% cotton. We are not perfect but we aim to be, and our week at Melbourne Fashion Week has inspired to keep going. 

 Leave a comment to share what your favourite moments from M/FW were or how you feel about the topic of improving your environmental impact. 


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