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Firstly, I'd like to say a huge thank you to all of our great customers for supporting Miles From over the past 5 years. I've truly found my passion and I LOVE designing clothes for you all. 

Putting clothes out there for you to enjoy is fantastic, but the biggest problem with online retail is that I don’t get to see you, and hear about what works, or what gaps you're trying to fill in your wardrobe. 

In an upcoming series of blogs, I want to get to know you better. I'd love to know who you are, what your lifestyle is like, and what (in terms of fashion) you like, want, and need more of. 

"Is your favourite piece of clothing your most worn piece, and what is it that keeps you reaching for that same piece over and over?"

Personally, my most worn piece isn't my favourite. My favourite piece in my wardrobe is a beautiful long tiered dress with a gorgeous print that I paid a fortune for.  It now mostly sits in my wardrobe looking pretty and waiting for the right occasion (I really do need to get out more!)

The thing is, I used to live a more glamorous life, but now I just seem to live in Miles From.  Dressing up these days means a pair of jeans and a dressy top, and maybe a heel (if you’re very lucky!)

For me, the thing that I now put above all else is comfort, and I NEVER thought I would say that. I've worked in fashion my entire career, and while style is still super important, comfort is the thing I always come back to. 

I know you all live busy and very different lives, so what I'm dying to know is;

"What are the 3 things that you reach for over and over again and why do you think that is?"

Having this information makes my job so more enjoyable, and means that I can come up with pieces more tailored to your needs. So please share your comments below, as I'd love to hear more!

Robyn xx


I’m new to Miles From. I’ve been a long term Country Road/Trenery customer but am now moving away as I feel a really strong need to support Australian made and with working from home a lot more your casual pieces are just perfect. For me personally I would like to see more longline relaxed style tops and hoodies for us women with bellies! Super comfy pants and leggings are on high rotation along with relaxed denim jeans. Thanks Robyn – keep up the fabulous work.

Angela July 05, 2020

Hi Robyn,

As you’ve taken the time to want to get to know us, i feel it only fair to respond to you.

I’m a very active person who works from home, comfort has always come before style and these days with kids never really get the chance to dress up which suits me fine.

I do like though to have comfortable lounge wear that still looks good so i can be sitting at my desk one minute and go out in public the next without the need for changing clothes.

I live in lounge pants as i hate sitting at my desk in jeans, classic tees and sweaters/hoodies.

I’m a short and small female and like the over sized look but even a small can be way too big in many brands so its refreshing to sometimes have an XS to choose from.

I love your brand as its Comfy, Casual, Classic and Cost effective all at the same time.. I’m looking forward to adding to my collection in the future…

Thanks for reaching out to us, that means a lot.

Your peninsula neighbour


jacinta oxford July 05, 2020

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